About Us!

About Us

The Prayer centre which is functioning under the guidance of the Immanuel charitable trust has a length of 350 feet and 350 feet width. This Centre is run as per the auspicious sight received by Pastor Kuriyan Paul. The Prayer centre approximately has more than Two Lakh devotees . it also has special prayers for the sick people on all Sundays and the First Tuesday of every month. Every week lot of devotees approaches the prayer centre with various problems which they face in life. Pastor Kuriayan Paul , his family members and his appointed priests console them by helping them to sort out their problems and also give them divine preaching. The Prayer centre also provides all its devotees with the financial help for the marriage of their daughters, hospital expenditure for the sick, and the financial help for constructing home for homeless within its limitation. Every week the home will provide food of 600 kilo Rice for its devotees in the specially arranged premise for Ladies and Men. When a man walks with divine soul he becomes a perfect human being. The divine soul also desires to live in the soul of a man who is his supreme creation. All the Vedas also discuss about this relation between the divine heavenly soul and the life soul . This is why the name “Immanuel” which has the meaning “God is with us” is given to the prayer centre. This Prayer centre treats all the devotees equally and welcome everyone without any class , creed, religion, region and colour discrimination. Since this Prayer centre does not belong to any class , creed, region and religion it does not convert anyone into any religion instead it helps the human mind to come close to the heavenly love. For the past few years this centre also provides required financial aids to more than 2500 students for from L.K.G to higher secondary education on every year. Besides this it also provided required books, pen and note books for free. In this academical year itself the centre had provided Rs 25 Lakh as educational aid to the poor students who is need. Every year during August 15th on the eve of Independence day and also on the birthday of Pastor Kurian Paul , the prayer centre distributed free cloths for thousands of people . The centre also Provided Onam Kit during Onam Celebration. In 2016, had provided more than 5000 Rice kits of 10 kilos free for the poor. As per the Holy Bible Mathew 25: 35 – “ For I was Hungry and you gave me something to eat, I was thirsty and you gave me something to drink, I was a stranger and you invited me in, I needed clothes and you clothed me, I was sick and you looked after me, I was in prison and you came to visit me.” This gospel clearly points out that it is the service towards humanity is the best service one can do to god. By showing kindness to the poor, the needy, and the sick, we are serving the humanity. It is this Principle, the Immanuel Prayer p centre follows and tries to do.


Pastor Kuriyan Paul was born in Perumbavoor , Kerala India, is the eldest son of Sri Paulose and Saramma . He has done his primary education from Palakkad Kizhakkanchery school and higher education from NSS College Nemmara in Palakkad. He further completed the studies in theology from the Mannuthi Anteo Missionary Baptist College, Bangalore and The Syrian Baptist Bible college for 8 years. Later in 1990 under the supervision of American missionaries Dr J.C James, Rev John Eeppan , He finished his ordination and he completely dedicated his life to the lord. In 1978 in Vadakkancheri Valliyodu , Palakkad, he started his service for the Lord. Later He was diagnosed with Brain tumor and while battling with life and death he had an encounter with god and understood that God is all supreme and powerful. During this time he also understood that the god is fire. While he recovered from his illness he got the experience of divine heavenly power and had a vision that god is a blazing fire . After recovering from his illness, he had worked with various worship centre’s till 1994. Later he abandoned everything and dedicated his life for preaching divine powers.

He sold all his property including house and farming land and started the Prayer centre. Pastor Kuryan Paul , wife Mrs. Nancy and his two children dedicated their whole time in preaching the principles of god. In 1995 he had established the Immanuel Prayer centre under the Immanuel trust . Now the trust is situated in Two acre land and has so many devotees who had come forward to help the poor without any financial benefit. The trust is run with its own shares which it receives from the hard work of its devotees without any monetary help from Government or Foreign missionaries or any Institution.